Services we offer




We can compile a strategy to sell your equipment be it single or fleet to capture the greatest result for you. We pride ourselves on fleet package sales.


We can source any equipment or asset that is tangible. With our experience we can advise on mechanical, maintenance and financial status with life forecasts to give you an informed perspective.


service2We can hire any equipment and or asset as negotiable. Our advantage is our knowledge to give you the asset that will work with minimum cost and maximum return for you.


We pride ourselves on delivering valuations on single units or fleet equipment.


We can tailor make a maintenance strategy for your equipment or fleet to give you the best possible maximum life.



If you require any advice or direction we are happy to work with you to understand and determine the direction and or result you require.


We can assist you with a complete door to door service of any equipment, asset or project components. All licenses and compliance.